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Orthodontists using ITI Online Training have been approved by the DBC to give the OA Permit Course in their practices.  These are the steps and costs.

  • Orthodontist submits an application to the Dental Board of California to give the OAP course

    • Call ITI at 877 872 4611 for individualized assistance from Dr. Rebecca Poling in preparation of an application that will receive approval for a fee of $400

    • Print and submit 2 copies of the application to the DBC with a $300 application fee

    • Wait for approval of course from the Dental Board of California (2 months)

  • Giving the OAP Course

    • The OAP Course is at least 84 hours in length and has three components: 24 hours of didactic, 28 hours of lab/preclinical, and 32 hours of clinical.

    • The orthodontist and each orthodontic assistant register for ITI Courses Online accounts at $199 each. (OAP Instruction Manual

    • Each assistant sets up a Notebook for the course Credentialing Task Form, checklists and performance records

    • The orthodontist lectures on required topics supplementing lectures with the ITI online courses listed below

    • Assistants pass all required online course post-tests

    • Assistants pass ITI Courses online OAP Final Exam and then are eligible to advance to the OAP Lab and Clinical Course

  • All assistants take the Lab and Clinical Course in the office (OAP Lab and Clinical Course Instruction Manual).

    • The orthodontist can give this Lab and Clinical course alone or

    • Dr. Rebecca Poling can assist giving the Lab/Preclinical component in the practice providing instruction, checklists, course materials, and resources for a daily fee of $1000/day plus expenses

    • The orthodontist supervises each assistant in completing course tasks and signs off completion of checklists

    • Orthodontist awards OAP Course Completion Certificates

  • Assistants who have completed the OAP Course take the OAP Exam given by the Dental Board of California

  • Assistants apply for their Orthodontic Assistant Permit submitting the OAP Course Certificate and their OAP Exam score.

The Online ITI Courses for the Orthodontic Assistant Permit are the following:



 105.01 Orthodontic Banding


 106.00 Bonding: Introduction


 106.01 Bonding: Brackets


 106.02 Bonding: Preparing Teeth For Bonding


 106.03 Bonding: Materials


 106.04 Bonding: Bracket Placement


 106.08 Bonding: Bracket Positioning


 106.05 Bonding: Difficult Areas, Troubleshooting, Rebonding


 106.06 Bonding: Special Surfaces


 107.01 Orthodontic Wire Basics


 107.02 Initial Wire Insertion


 112.02 Finishing: Marking finishing wires


 112.06 Finishing: Inserting finishing wires


 110.00 Orthodontic Debanding


After you register for your ITI Courses Online Account, simply check these courses when you set up your Knowledge Profile and then complete them to prepare for the Orthodontic Assistant Permit Exam.


Call ITI at 877 872 4611 and speak with Dr. Rebecca Poling for more details.





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